the same old tune played with a different melody

Heard the Swedish national anthem today in a totally different guise, thanks to our composer Silas Bieri, and it really reminded me that this was something that really reflects the entire theme of Non-blondes; it’s a work about different perspectives on an old topic. How else should identity be identified? It’s after all not a fixed entity, not in the way many people seem to think or want or need it to be. Even now I’ve felt my own identity shift within these weeks of discussion and discovery, it’s inevitable, and necessary, because I’m not interested in staying fixed. So I ask myself: what is Swedish identity? And my answer? “Come and see Non-blondes” and work it out for yourself!


About rorelsen

RÖRELSEN ("The Movement" in swedish) is a co-operative formed by dance artists based in Malmö, Sweden. RÖRELSEN-choreographers in Skåne was founded in july 2003, by seven choreographers who wanted to work together to create a permanent plattform for production and promotion of contemporary dance in the Øresundsregion. From the start the groups work has been concentrated on: 1. Creating a production center for dance with studios, offices, storage and a small stage. 2. To promote the art of dance in all the Skåne and Øresund regions. 3. International development: artistic collaborations, workshops, seminares and dance research. 4. To widen the interest for contemporary dance. By joining forces we are able to create better conditions for producing dance performances and promoting dance. We share rehearsal and office spaces, technical equipment and staff which makes our productions and tours less costly. We are now ready to continue our work in expanding the production of dance in Skåne.
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